Everything you need to
boost your business!

Factoria Plus is the technology platform of Pitch Factory.

It is a business service for people who want to grow their business.

When you register on the site you will have access to 3 things:

  1. A suite of templates that will enable you to produce professional sales and marketing materials.
  2. Access to expertise and specialists who will help you to develop and test your business plan, sharpen your marketing approach, write more impactful presentation and proposal documents, and enhance your skills so you present your products and services more effectively.
  3. And you will have access to information and ideas, and be able to connect with other business people who also want to enhance their sales and marketing approach.

You will have access to a number of templates and information free of charge, and can also choose one of two subscriptions to unlock additional templates and features, and access discounts for services.

Essential subscribers are entitled to 5% discount on services and custom template building, can add a second user, have a customised 20 page digital brochure containing their content, and 8-16 page proposal template, and a newsletter template. They are also entitled to 4 hours free consultancy/services free of charge, worth £800.

Professional subscribers are entitled to a 15% discount on services, access to an 8-24 page proposal template, a customised presentation (using their content), an extra 10 pages are added to their digital brochure, and they also have access to 2 additional newsletter designs. They are also entitled to 10 hours free consultancy/services free of charge, worth £2,000.

If you want to ask a question or talk to us and learn more about the range of services on offer or the how Factoria Plus can work for your business either use the Book-a-demo service, or email

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