How easy is it to implement Factoria?

Sorting out the content 

We will help you bring together all the content you will need to
create new proposals, documents, presentations and marketing
materials; and will sharpen the writing and check the quality of graphics before uploading them to the database.

We can also audit your content to ensure it meets your brand
standards and is consistent, as well as creating process diagrams and other graphics.


Setting up templates that match your brand 

We work with you to produce templates and to set up the rules that govern what users can and cannot change; so we create a personalised Factoria solution which contains templates that are ready to use from day one.

We can also create workflows to manage print, so users can customise documents in real-time and then order printed copies.

Implementation and support 

We help you introduce and promote Factoria to your staff. We also produce online and offline communication that explains how your staff can access and use Factoria to produce high-quality documents.

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