Technical info

How Factoria works
When Factoria manipulates templates it is using a combination of JAVA, XML and HTML code to control, configure and display information. There is no proprietary ‘file format’ that can be downloaded by a user and edited in any other program. Everything happens in real-time.

Previews and final files are in PDF format
At any point it is possible for a user can generate a low-resolution PDF for viewing and circulation (for example, for approval.)

At the point the item is ordered (which is the final step in the process), Factoria produces a high resolution PDF. This PDF can be downloaded to the desktop, or submitted as part of an online print procurement process.

All assets uploaded to Factoria (such as images and PDFs etc.) are stored in the library in their original format i.e. as provided by the client.

Text that appears in templates (i.e. when you open a template and it is populated with text) has to be converted into HTML and XML for it to appear correctly formatted on screen (although obviously it exists in its original format e.g. MS Word). When users type in their own copy, the same process occurs; although it is invisible to them.

Factoria is normally provided as a cloud-based solution, which means that users access it through a browser.
It is possible for clients to host their own Factoria solution, in which case we would provide a complete solution (i.e. a configured server.)

Data Security
Standard practice is for users to access Factoria using HTTPS, but there are a number of options available to clients to ensure their data and documents are securely protected.

PDFs produced by Factoria can automatically be password-protected.

A VPN can be setup to ensure that only connections from the authenticated client domain are granted access to Factoria.
Factoria can be configured with a White List of permitted IP addresses.

Hosting Environment
Factoria is hosted in two locations the United Kingdom.
In order to provide a resilient solution to clients, our data centre has diesel generators that enable it to continue running in the event of power failure.

It has multiple connections to the Internet, with more than one ISP, so that it is not dependent on one provider of Internet connectivity.
The data centre automatically monitors system performance and reports errors as soon as they are detected.

Factoria servers have fail-over, which means in the event one of the servers fails, the fail-over server will automatically activate to respond to users.

We regularly run tests to ensure the robustness of the complete platform from intrusion.

The Factoria data Centre itself is certified to ISO 27001, and is manned by dedicated 24/7 SIA (Security Industry Authority) qualified security personnel.

We proactively monitor core systems on a 24/7 basis.
Data is backed up daily using a rotation system.

Users can ask for help from our help line, which is available between 8.30am and 6.00pm UK-time. As well as supporting Factoria, we can also help users to create documents if they require particular help.

There is technically no limit to the number of users that access Factoria (subject to your contract terms and conditions).

Uptime per month is running at 99.95%.

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