About Pitch Factory

Factoria is the technology platform of the Pitch Factory

The Pitch Factory team has big-experience. We are professional marketers and communicators who have perfected our skills
over many years.

It is this big-expertise that sits at the heart of the Pitch Factory, and has been fine-tuned to help businesses promote themselves more successfully.

We have run companies; led marketing and business development teams in the UK and internationally; and devised campaigns for major and challenger brands. We take the finest ingredients (the client’s products and services) and blend them, using our skills and knowledge, until they present the company’s products, services, and ideas most effectively.

We work across the entire business development and marketing process:

Our work is focused where it has the greatest positive impact:

  • Helping to increase the number of opportunities a client has to pitch for new business;
  • Using our expertise in pitching to help them win more work; and
  • Making the entire business development & marketing operation more efficient and effective.

We provide the help a client needs to achieve their ambition: refining strategy; improving the quality of writing; enhancing presentation skills; and producing marketing and pitch materials with greater impact, and more efficiently.

Pitch Factory


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